Resource Usage

Users may not, through a cron job, CGI script, interactive commands, or any other means, take the following actions on Pair Networks servers:

  • Run any process that requires more than 384MB of memory space.
  • Run any program that requires more than 60 CPU seconds to complete.
  • Run any program that “fork bombs” or otherwise uses child processes in a manner that disrupts performance of the server, or in order to attempt to circumvent resource restrictions.
  • Use the find command, or any similar tool which recursively explores directory structures, anywhere except in their own directories.
  • Send out mail to more than 25 addresses in one batch, whether sequentially or in parallel. Such batches must “sleep” for at least three seconds between each delivery attempt. Please consider using our pairList service for such mailings.
  • Send e-mail to more than 5 recipients by way of a Web-based script. (E-mail sent by any script may be monitored and or quarantined for analysis, in order to prevent Junk E-Mail origination or propagation through our servers.)
  • Run their own mailing list software, whether custom or packaged.

More Information

These policies exist to protect the availability of resources shared among customers. Exceptions may apply to Virtual Private Servers and dedicated servers.

If we find that you are performing bulk mail delivery, regardless of whether it is Spam or not, we may choose to deactivate your account and investigate.

Effective Date: Aug 22nd, 2023 Last Reviewed: Aug 21st, 2023