Pair Hosting and Domain Policies


Service Contracts

Shared Hosting Service Contract

This contract governs the agreement between Pair Networks and customers of any of its hosting services with the exception of services governed by specific contracts below.

VPS & Dedicated Hosting Service Contract

This contract governs the agreement between Pair Networks and customers of its Dedicated Server and Virtual Private Server offerings.


Our customer privacy statement provides important governance and is incorporated into the above contracts by reference.

Data Privacy Transparency Statement

Information about the personal data we collect, receive, transfer, and process in the course of providing our services as a Web host and Website Distributor

Dedicated Server SLA

Our generous SLA offers guarantees with respect to uptime, hardware replacement, and customer service response time.

Abuse Policies

Abuse and Spam

We are staunchly against unsolicited e-mail.

Adult Content

Certain content is better suited for hosting elsewhere.

Copyright Disputes

How we deal with copyright disputes involving our customers’ Web sites.

Security and Cracking

Abusive behavior is taken very seriously.

WordPress Hosting Policies

Engaging in these practices may compromise the security and performance of your service and the service of other customers.

Usage Policies

Resource Usage

Excessive resource usage may lead to performance and stability problems.

Database Resource Usage

Certain database usage patterns will require a dedicated server.

Non-Wordpress Activities on Wordpress Servers

We must limit the activities that are permitted on servers optimized for WordPress.

Server Side Processes

Daemons and other resident programs are not suitable for shared hosting.


Abuse Policies

This policy outlines the procedure for reporting domain abuse, and the corresponding actions Pair Domains takes in response to such reports.

Corporate Info

Learn more about Pair Domains' corporate structure.

Privacy Policy

This privacy statement governs how Pair Domains treats customer data, detailing how we collect, use, and protect customer data.

Registrants' Benefits and Responsibilities

This policy outlines the customer's rights and responsibilities regarding their domain names.

Pair Domains Registration Agreement

This contract governs the domain registration agreement between the customer and Pair Domains.

Dynamic DNS Policies

This policy outlines Pair Domains' Dynamic DNS client behavior.